Not in Mayberry Anymore

Not in Mayberry Anymore:
The SPDU has quickly become the cutting edge standard in uniforms
New York, NY (October 1st, 2009) – The images of Andy Griffith as Sheriff of Mayberry might be long gone from the silver screen but the uniforms he wore, unfortunately, have survived virtually unchanged in law enforcement departments across the country, until now. Major technological advances are setting the standard for the future of uniforms and agencies across the countries have started testing and approving the SPDU for a full change out of their uniforms to combat the changing needs of officers.  
The sentiment of departments across the country was echoed by Spiewak’s Director of Marketing that “while their cars, equipment, and tools are constantly being updated to better protect our cities, departments have been reluctant to change the uniform as it is the first thing a citizen sees; Tradition and image are just as important as the new technology and before the SPDU there hadn’t been a uniform that provided the traditional image required with the technology and comfort officers have asked for.” 
What is so different about the new uniform? Pictures above are from left to right
The new uniforms repel water and absorb sweat through advanced nanotechnology, keeping officers dry in a wide range of weather conditions. Since this is built into Spiewak’s proprietary fabric, it will never wash out.
The patented Hidden & Secure cargo pocket offers expansive storage space similar to the cargo pocket without the bulge and sloppy or military appearance. The unique patented design achieves this by allowing the cargo pockets to bellow to the inside, maintaining a traditional look from the outside.
The hidden Expand on Demand Waistband allows up to 4” of waist adjustment, expands easily when squatting and decresses the stress on waist from getting in and out of patrol cars. It works in conjunction with the 6” of mechanical stretch built into the fabic to keep you comfortable.
The SPDU is designed with a patented silicon shirt retention system that actually works. It features proprietary beading on the shirt and the pant forming a tight lock when they meet preventing the need for a long shirt tail, fabric bunching, and an untucked shirt even in the most demanding situation.
Other features included a women’s specific uniform with design elements like bust snaps and hidden pockets for larger items. (See photos).
For more information, please click here to view this exciting new line of products.


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