Spiewak in Sweden

Spiewak's Creative Director, Dan Hendricks, left this past Tuesday for a trip over seas to pay a visit to one of our favorite Spiewak Distributors in Sweden, Jerker Levin, where the two of them will be checking in with some of our favorites buyers. It may be cold, but Jerker is staying warm in his limited edition Gerald Spiewak Collection Ensign peacoat


First stop: Stockholm where Dan and Jerker checked in at Unionville to catch up with store owners Hampus, Douglas and Frederick. Although it is just one year after the opening of Unionville, it's character will make you think the store has been there forever. The heritage inspired boutique prides itself on only carrying pieces that are created with passion in every stitch and collections that remain timeless. 


With collections inspired by history dating back to the prewar era to the 1950's the Spiewak Collections fit in perfectly. When asked what their favorites Spiewak jacket is - it is no wonder that the Waxed N1 Deck Jacket from the Gerald Spiewak Special Edition Collection takes the cake. 


To read more about Unionville, check out the store and purchase online go to http://unionville.se/ - we promise you won't be disappointed.


So far, it has been a successful trip across seas! Excited where Dan is off to next. And of course to hear the fresh ideas that he'll be able to bring back to New York. Stay tuned.


Till nästa tid!


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