Forbes Magazine names 2 of Spiewak's Parkas Best of 2010

Recently two snorkels from our collection were privileged to be included in the highly selective Russian Forbes feature on their top 12 jacket picks for winter 2010.  Considering the weather and competition in Russia, we are extremely honored by this selection.  The original article can be found by clicking HERE.   Below is an attempted translation. We apologize in advance for our meager translation.  Thanks Forbes. 

Spiewak, 28,000 rubles

Spiewak parkas have now become so popular that they are sold, not only in the stores involved in street fashion, but also in the best larger stores like Central Department Store and Leform. In 1904, immigrant Isaac Spiewak founded a New York company beginning with the sale of warm sheepskin vests for workers. Now, a century later, Spiewak is a progressive cool line. 

One of the best models: the Snorkel Parka cotton with a traditional "waxy" coating, gives the impression that the thing has visited many situations and years.
 She has a heater inside and a hood trimmed with coyote and from sheepskin lining. It should be understood that when such parks produce Japanese designers such as Attachment, and LGB, the going price is at least $ 2000. In Moscow park Spiewak sold for 28,000 rubles -

Spiewak, 18,500 rubles


This model is perhaps the simpler previous of two: durable fashionable fabric, without a wax coating, but on the other hand, it is not for everybody. This is also the so-called Snorkel Parka, made by the American flight jacket pattern 1950, with a hood, turning into a true "snorkel tube." Inside the insulation can withstand frost of minus 40 degrees. In addition to, such parkas are now sold in Leform in Dmitrovsky lane and Central Department Store. There are several color options, and they all cost about 19,000 rubles.

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