Brooklyn Denim Opened This Spring to Rave Reviews

Brooklyn Denim recently opened in March 2010 and is already gaining a following for their wide assortment of jeans and sportswear. They also provide services such as on-site tailoring, making it your one-stop shop for looking good this summer.

Spiewak Outerwear's Interview with Brooklyn Denim owner, Frank Pizzurro:
Store location and hours:
Brooklyn Denim
85 N. Third St. #101, Brooklyn NY
Mon-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 12-5pm
When did you open your store and what was the inspiration behind it?
The store opened the first week of March 2010. After opening over 100 stores for various brands and companies I felt it was time to do something that I always wanted to do for myself….open my own store.
How did you select the area your store is located in? Tell us what you love about your neighborhood?
It was pretty easy….I live in the neighborhood. Everyone I knew was going into the city to buy their jeans, so it was a natural fit for the area. Williamsburg has a great mix of artist, musicians and creative energy as well as a growing population density of affluent customers.
Do you have any upcoming store events? Or neighborhood events near the store?
We recently had a street fair on N. 3rd St. that all of the local retailers participated in. We have a few vendor events planned over the summer months. Dates have not been confirmed, so check back on our website for dates.
How does the visual design of Brooklyn Denim brand your retail identity and affect customers’ shopping experience?
The design was really in keeping with the existing space and industrial feel of the neighborhood. We are a very service oriented shopping experience, so we designed the space to simple and flexible. This allows the product to be the focus.
Why do you and your customers like Spiewak? Do you have any favorite spring Spiewak jackets?
Spiewak was on our radar from the beginning because of its quality and easy fit as an add on item with denim products. The Tekora waterproof outerwear has been a great performer in both mens and womens for us.
Besides Spiewak, what are other lines that inspire you and inspire loyalty in your customers?
AG Adriano Goldschmied has been a tremendous product for us and has a large following. The other inspiring items have been smaller artisanal brands such as Tellason, Simon Miller Jeans and Will Leather goods.
What are the two most important pieces every man and woman needs to add to their wardrobe for spring 2010?
Raw Selvedge denim and a great outerwear piece are essential. You can wear them every day and they only get better with time.
What are your personal favorite items at Brooklyn Denim right now?
It’s hard to nail it down. Every time something new arrives I get excited. Tellason jeans and the AG Aged jeans are two of my favorites.
Do your travels influence your purchases? Do you have exciting trips planned for 2010?
With the store launching this season I haven’t traveled much lately. I’m planning to be in Europe this summer for the shows and a little vacation time.
What was your first job in the apparel industry?
My first job in the apparel industry was at a men’s store called Harvi’s in Detroit where I grew up. It was a great experience and really influenced me beyond belief. I’ve been lucky to have worked for some of the best retailers and companies in the business. From Chanin’s and American Rag in L.A. Followed by Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Lucky Brand and AG Adriano Goldschmied. It was the best experience anyone could hope for.  


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